Yrityksen autoilun sähköistäminen onnistuu NF Electric -palvelulla.

Electric – Consultation

We will help your company in choosing greener and environmentally friendlier vehicles as well as in all matters related to electric vehicles.

Electric includes extensive consultation

You are not alone on your journey towards more sustainable and greener company cars. Electric includes extensive consultation and guidance tailored to your company’s mobility needs. We will support you during all the stages of your journey.

We will help you draft a company car policy that takes into consideration your company’s values and goals from the perspectives of, for example, costs, the environment, safety and your personnel. A well-defined car policy facilitates cost-effective choices and ensures that your company car drivers utilise new technology as efficiently as possible.

We will also consult you in all matters related to electric vehicles. We will always consider the individual needs of your company and employees when selecting the drive train and fuel type as well as charging equipment.

Switching to electric company cars could not be any easier! We will gladly tell you more about Electric.

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