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NF Fleet Oy may use cookies, web bugs, tracking pixels and other tracking technology when you visit our website, including all other forms of media, media channels, mobile sites or mobile applications that are related or connected to the website (hereinafter the “website”). Cookies are used for improving the user experience, analyzing website traffic and advertisement targeting on our own website and those of third parties.

How we use cookies

A “cookie” is a package of data that creates a unique identifier for you, which is stored on your computer. We receive this unique ID from your browser whenever you visit our website. We use cookies on our website to, for example, keep track of the services you use, store information to be registered, save your user preferences, keep you logged in, facilitate purchase processes and track websites that you visit. With cookies, we can better understand how you use our website and improve your user experience.

By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies. Below, we will explain how declining cookies affects your use of our services.

Types of cookies

We can use cookies from the following categories:

Essential cookies

These cookies are necessary to enable the basic functions and important features of our website, such as shopping carts and technical functions. They ensure that the website functions as expected.

Functional cookies

These cookies are not necessary for the functioning of the website. However, they are designed to help users. For instance, the Chat function requires these cookies, and if you decline them, the Chat function will not load on the website.

Analytics cookies

These cookies are used for website management. They store information on the number of visitors and other types of network analyses. These cookies can collect limited personal data.

Marketing cookies

These cookies track visitors from one website to another. They can be used to build a search or browsing profile for a website’s visitor. They may collect personal or unique information on the visitor. Anonymized data can be shared with third parties.

Third-party cookies

When you visit our website, we may store third-party cookies on your device on behalf of companies that produce certain services for our website. These cookies allow third parties to collect and track certain information about you. You can manually disable these cookies from your browser.

Managing cookies on your browser

Functional, analytics and marketing cookies

You can manage functional, analytics and marketing cookies in the cookie banner (see below). These cookies will not be used without your consent. Please keep in mind that restricting the use of cookies may affect the functioning of the website. From the cookie banner you can view the cookie categories and the cookies within them.

Browser settings (option to decline all cookies)

You can accept cookies in your browser settings. You can use the website even if you have not accepted cookies. However, this may affect the functioning of the website significantly. Many of the interactive functions of the website require cookies. By declining or disabling cookies, you may prevent these services from functioning or render them useless.

Cookie management varies between different browsers. Please follow the instructions below to configure your browser settings. These instructions come directly from the browser providers.

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Google Chrome

These links lead to third-party websites that we have no control over. We accept no responsibility for their contents.

Other tracking technology

In addition to cookies, we can use web bugs, pixel tags and other tracking technology on the website to personalize our website for you and enhance your experience. A “web bug” or “pixel tag” is a small object or picture embedded in the website. Their purpose is to track the number of visitors to certain sites and to collect other statistical data. They collect only a limited set of data, such as the number of cookies, time and date of page view, and a description of the page they are embedded in. You cannot decline web bugs and pixel tags. However, you can restrict their use by managing the cookies that interact with them.

Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we use the data that we collect through cookies and other tracking technology. This Cookie Policy is incorporated into, and part of, our Privacy Policy. By using our website, you agree to our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.

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