Private leasing brings a new kind of freedom

Enjoy a new car for a fixed monthly price, we take care of everything else.

This is how private leasing works

Nordea Autoleasing is a leasing service designed for private individuals. The fixed monthly price covers all car-related costs, such as maintenance and vehicle devaluation. Fuel and vehicle tax are not included in the monthly fee. You can also get competitive car insurances through us.

Key benefits

  • Fixed monthly payment to cover your driving needs
  • No need to tie your capital to a car, get a car loan or pay a deposit
  • A single fixed monthly price for the whole leasing period
  • Includes scheduled maintenance and any technical repairs due to normal wear and tear, in accordance with the agreed kilometres
  • Includes tyres, seasonal tyre changes and scheduled vehicle inspection
  • Motor and all-risk insurances are also available
  • NF Fleet bears 100 % of the risk associated with the vehicle’s resale value
  • Professional customer service throughout the entire agreement period

Choose a care-free private leasing car

We offer a wide selection of car makes and models for you to enjoy with private leasing. Check out our selection at the Nordea Autoleasing site.

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