Yrityksen autoilun sähköistäminen onnistuu NF Electric -palvelulla.

Electric – Consultation

We will help you choose greener and environmentally friendlier vehicles and help you with all matters related to electric driving.

Consultation is part of Electric service

Electric charging service offered by NF Fleet includes consultation and guidance that takes into account your company’s unique mobility needs. We support you through all the stages of your journey.

We help you to create a car policy that is in line with your company values and objectives related to for example cost efficiency, safety, environment, and people. A well-defined car policy facilitates cost-effective choices and ensures that your company car drivers utilize new technology as efficiently as possible.

We help you with all matters related to electric driving and always take into account the individual needs of your company and your employees when offering the right drivetrain and charging equipment.

Switching to all-electric driving could not be any easier! We will be happy to tell you more about Electric.

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