Leasingautosi polttoainekulut samaan sopimukseen lisäpalveluna.

Fuel service

Company car’s fuel expenses can be easily linked to our monthly leasing invoicing.

Easy Fuel service

Fuel service makes refueling as well as fuel management easier. Through NF Fleet Fuel Service, your company car fuel purchases are charged directly from your company. We provide your company car drivers with fuel cards in line with your car policy. If the company car drivers also have all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, Electric charging service is also available.

Fuel cards

As an NF Fleet customer you may choose two (2) different fuel cards from either Neste, Shell/ST1 or S Business (ABC). With the fuel card, you can pay your fuel and windshield fluid purchases as well as car washes at service stations. If you are entitled to limited company car benefit, you may choose a card without the possibility to pay for fuel purchases. NF Fleet’s customer number is shown on the fuel card, so you can use the card to identify yourself as an NF Fleet customer at vehicle service or inspection.

Company car refueling

A full car benefit always includes the fuel, and your company car drivers can pay for the gas and car washes with the fuel card. For drivers with a limited car benefit, it is possible to get a card that only includes a car wash.

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Easy tracking and follow up

Fuel service enable you to track and follow the fuel consumption of your company cars. Fuel purchases are charged retrospectively with a payment term of max. 60 days. Both the card purchases and mileage follow up are part of our reporting. Discount from service station prices is 2 cents/liter.

Please contact us and we will map out a suitable Fuel service or a combined Fuel and Electric charging service to your company.

Fuel card customer service

NF Fleet Customer Care
010 404 505
Monday to Friday 10–16

After the card has been ordered, Ti-Engineering Systems Oy (TiEs) takes care of the delivery of the cards and Customer Care:

010 404 2800
Opening hours: Mon–Fri from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Missing cards

If a card goes missing, please notify the fuel company immediately of the situation:
ABC / S-Business card: 020 333 (24h)
Neste: 0800 196 196 (24h)
St1: 0800 137 70 (24h)
Gasum: 0800 122 722 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Returning the card

All fuel cards must be returned upon leasing car return or via mail to TI-Engineering Systems Oy, PO Box 7, FI-11101 RIIHIMÄKI.

Fuel service
We welcome you as a customer. Contact us at 010 404 505