Yrityksen autoilun sähköistäminen onnistuu NF Electric -palvelulla.

Electric charging service

NF Fleet's Electric charging service makes electric driving extremely easy. It allows you to link your company car charging expenses directly to your leasing invoice.

Comprehensive Electric service

Electric charging service guides you towards an environmentally friendly company car driving. We help you to find the electric vehicles best suited for your company’s needs. In addition, electric vehicle charging costs can be included In our monthly leasing Invoice. NF Fleet’s Electric customers have a comprehensive charging network available across Finland.

For the forerunners of sustainable corporate mobility

Electric is suitable for different-sized businesses that wish to switch to more environmentally friendly mobility in an easy and economical way. We will help you with all matters related to electric driving, whether it is all-electric vehicles, hybrids or plug-in hybrids – or a good combination of them all in you company car policy. Also take a look at our additional service Switch that offers electric vehicle drivers the opportunity to have a traditional combustion engine vehicle at their use when needed.

Please contact us and we will map out a suitable Electric charging service or a combined Electric charging and Fuel service for your company.

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Electric charging service

This is how the Electric works



We help you choose greener and environmentally friendlier vehicles, while still meeting your company’s unique mobility needs.

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Charging solutions

We help you find the best charging solutions through our partners' extensive charging network.

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We manage charging agreements and expenses for you.

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My NF Fleet portal offers you comprehensive electric vehicle charging reports.


Test drives

Our partners will be happy to arrange a test drive for you.


Replacement vehicle service

We offer a limited number of electric vehicles for your company’s temporary needs.

We welcome you as a customer. Contact us at 010 404 505