Keskittämällä yrityksen autoleasingpalvelut, saat erityisetuja.

Benefits of NF Fleet cooperation agreement

As an NF Fleet cooperation agreement customer, you have access to our comprehensive range of cooperation agreement benefits.

Rewarding benefits of NF cooperation agreement

We want to reward our customers for choosing NF Fleet as their sole supplier of mobility services.

Here are a few examples of our customer benefits:


Matrix is a unique concept that we offer to our agreement customers with a minimum fleet of eight vehicles.  With Matrix, you always only pay for the actual kilometers driven. Matrix brings transparency, flexibility and easy predictability to the leasing contract, eliminating all uncertainties and additional costs of contract changes. Read more

Car policy consultation

We offer your company car policy consultation to come up with the best possible vehicle selection for your company’s needs, taking into account your company values as well as sustainability and other targets.  With a car policy tailored for your company’s needs you can achieve significant savings in total fleet costs and also improve your employees’ well-being at work. Read more

Early termination pool

With NF Fleet’s cooperation agreement you have the right to terminate a predefined number of leasing contracts prematurely if all conditions are being met.  This is helpful for example in a situation where a vehicle becomes unneeded upon the termination of an employment contract.  

My Nordea Fleet

With NF Fleet cooperation agreement you get access to our digital My Nordea Fleet tool that includes useful tools for your company’s fleet manager and drivers. Read more

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