NF Huoltoleasing tarjoaa kiinteällä kuukausihinnalla riskittömän yritysautoilun.

Full Service Leasing

Full Service Leasing is an economical and safe solution for your company’s vehicle needs. It’s an excellent choice when you want to handle all your company’s mobility services needs with just one partner.

Risk-free NF Full Service Leasing

With Full Service Leasing, you can lease the new vehicle you want for a period of 12 to 60 months with an agreed number of kilometers for a fixed monthly price. The monthly lease includes almost all expenses related to the vehicle, from service & maintenance to repairs, vehicle inspection, and tires. Full Service Leasing is a risk-free option with which your company’s capital is not tied up in vehicles. The residual value risk for the vehicles is carried by NF Fleet instead of your company.

All mobility services provided by one partner

Full Service Leasing is a solution for companies of all sizes that want to handle all their mobility services needs with just one partner easily and cost-effectively. We help you adjust the scope of the leasing contract so that it will suit the size and mobility needs of your company. For companies with a smaller fleet of vehicles, we have created the separate Drive solution. Full Service Leasing is available for all car makes and models, light commercial vehicles, and light trucks.

For companies with more than eight vehicles, we offer the unique Matrix as a cooperation agreement benefit.

  • If you need a vehicle for a shorter period (from 6 to 24 months), see 2nd Lease.
  • Full Service Leasing is also available for commercial vehicles. We handle price negotiations and terms of service for you for a cost-effective leasing solution for commercial vehicles suitable for your business. Ask for more information.
  • You can calculate the amount of full and limited car benefit for the vehicle of your choice using our company car taxation value calculator.

Why Full Service Leasing?

  • Easy to budget
  • A risk-free and cost-effective alternative that frees your company’s capital from your vehicle fleet
  • NF Fleet carries the residual value risk for the vehicle.
  • All services may be included in one monthly lease payment
  • All car makes and models, light commercial vehicles and light trucks are available (does not apply to heavy duty vehicles).
  • The contract includes scheduled maintenance, vehicle inspection, and technical repairs for regular wear & tear according to contract kilometers.
  • Tires and seasonal tire changes are included.
  • The highly competitive Full Cover Insurance may be included in the leasing contract.
  • We offer our customers significant cooperation agreement benefits such as car policy consultation.
  • High-quality service.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance

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Additional services for Full Service Leasing

A wide variety of useful additional services may be included in your Full Service Leasing contract.


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