Auton pesu kiinteällä kuukaushinnalla leasingsopimukseen.

Car Wash

Keep your leased vehicles clean at all times for a fixed monthly price. Car Wash service is available for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Easy Car Wash

Car Wash is an easy way to keep leased vehicles clean at all times. For passenger cars the service works conveniently with a mobile app, and the driver may choose the wash program they like. Commercial vehicles using Car Wash are identified by their license plate, and a specific wash category has been defined for the vehicles. Special equipment wash is also available for commercial vehicles.

You can get the Car Wash service for your company’s leased vehicles easily. Contact our customer service, and we will activate the service for your drivers to use!

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Car Wash available across Finland

As an Car Wash customer, you have access to 27 car wash stations and a wide selection of wash programs across Finland 24/7.  NF Fleet’s partner for Car Wash is Juhlapesu.

Car Wash

Car Wash
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