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Returning commercial vehicles

On this page, you can find important information about returning your vehicle at the end of your leasing contract.

Returning commercial vehicles

At the end of the rental contract, return the vehicle to an NF Fleet return location. All vehicles leased from NF Fleet go through a return inspection. The following list shows what is included in the inspection.

Remember to bring with you

Remember to bring with you

  • all keys to the vehicle
  • tires of the vehicle (summer and winter tires with their bolts)
  • hub caps
  • engine block heater cable
  • codes and remote controllers to the radio and possible anti-theft system
  • vehicle documents
  • user manuals
  • tools

If any equipment is missing, you must contact the inspector directly to agree on the return of the equipment. The equipment must be returned within one week from the return of the vehicle.

General information about the return inspection

Return inspection

All vehicles leased from NF Fleet go through a return inspection carried out by an independent third-party company. The return inspection is carried out according to the same process on all leased vehicles. You do not need to book a time for the inspection. The return inspection takes about 30 minutes to complete.

In the return inspection, the inspector

  • checks the vehicle interior and exterior
  • photographs the vehicle
  • documents the content of the inspection
  • lists any details that need repairs
  • provides a preliminary estimate of the repair costs
  • gives advice on how to fill in a damage report, if necessary

In case needs for repair are detected in the inspection, the repairs are carried out in a cost efficient way taking into account the age of, and kilometers driven with the vehicle. For example, minor dents are straightened with methods that prevent damage to paintwork.

You may be present at the inspection if you wish.  This way, you receive the filled in return inspection form right away. If you are not present at the inspection, the form will be sent to you by email in about a week’s time from the inspection.

Tires and rims

Acceptable tire and rim damage

  • Single scratch on the rim or hub cap, maximum length: 20 cm
  • Minor abrasions
  • Damaged lacquer or paintwork

Unacceptable tire and rim damage

  • More than one scratch on the rim or hub caps
  • Scratches longer than 20 cm
  • Bent rims
  • Wrong set of rims
  • Wrong set of tires
  • Damaged tires

Body and paintwork

Acceptable body and paintwork damage

  • Minor stone impact marks in the front of the vehicle
  • Scratches and abrasions around the door handles and thresholds
  • Faded paintwork
  • Abrasions in the paintwork caused by washing the vehicle
  • Single scratch on the paintwork, maximum length: 10 cm
  • Individual dents with a diameter of less than 5 cm that do not involve damage to the paintwork

Unacceptable body and paintwork damage

  • Dents with a diameter of more than 5 cm with or without damage to the paintwork
  • Unrepaired collision damage
  • Broken mirrors
  • Paintwork damage that requires a re-paint
  • Individual large scratch longer than 10 cm on the paintwork
  • Tape and sticker removal
  • Damage caused by roof racks
  • Corrosion originating from dents and scratches


Acceptable bumper damage

  • Minor scratches on the bumpers or trims without dents
  • Minor scratches and abrasions around the door
  • Minor cracks in the bumpers, maximum length: 5 cm

Unacceptable bumper damage

  • Noticeable scratches on the bumpers or trims
  • Cracks longer than 5 cm on the bumpers
  • Dents

Sealed beams

Acceptable sealed beam damage

  • Scratches on the sealed beams
  • Small cracks on the sealed beams (no water damage)
  • Minor cracks on the rear lights, maximum length: 2 cm

Unacceptable sealed beam damage

  • Cracks in the sealed beams
  • Broken sealed beams
  • Cracks longer than 2 cm on the rear lights or missing parts


Acceptable windshield damage

  • Minor stone impact marks on the windshield without cracks

Unacceptable windshield damage

  • Cracks and “bullseyes” on the windshield and other windows


Acceptable mirror damage

  • Minor scratches on the mirrors and mirror cases

Unacceptable mirror damage

  • Cracks in the mirrors and mirror cases
  • Broken mirrors and mirror cases, missing parts


Acceptable interior damage

  • Fading
  • Abrasions
  • Normal soiling

Unacceptable interior damage

  • Stains that are difficult to remove
  • Holes and tears
  • Dirt and odor that are difficult to remove
  • Animal hair

Trunk and bed

Acceptable trunk and bed damage

  • Scratches and minor cracks in the paneling
  • Scratches on the wheel housing
  • Scratches and abrasions on the divider

 Unacceptable trunk and bed damage

  • Holes and cracks longer than 10 cm in the paneling
  • Dents in the wheel housing
  • Cracks and dents in the divider
  • Damage that prevents the use of the trunk and bed

Marks left by removed accessories

Acceptable damage caused by removed accessories

  • A small hole from removing an accessory, a non-visible screw hole

Unacceptable damage caused by removed accessories

  • A change caused by removing an accessory that cannot be returned to the original condition
  • A visible screw hole caused by removing an accessory that cannot be covered

Unreturned equipment

Unacceptable missing equipment

  • Second set of tires
  • Possible second set of bolts and lockbolts
  • Hub caps
  • Engine block heater cable
  • Tools
  • Spare keys
  • Maintenance log
  • User manuals


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